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Campus Study Areas, 2021

The College of New Jersey Academic Study Areas

Click on a building name for a map with the study areas marked in Yellow.

Armstrong Hall 26 Seats: corridor 106, 130A, corridor 144, 147, 147A, corridor 148, corridor 154 , 166, corridor 187

Art & IMM Building 4 Seats in Student Lounge 112

Biology Building 31 Seats:
1st Floor: Study 100B, Science Commons 103, 108, 143A, Tutoring 143K
2nd Floor: Rm 230, Science Commons 231
3rd Floor: Lobby 300, Student Study 300B

Bliss Hall 6 Seats in the Lobby Lounge

Bliss Hall Annex 3 Seats in the Elevator Lobbies on 3 floors

Brower Student Center 30 Seats: Traditions Restaurant, 2nd floor Student Org Lounge

Business Building 25 Seats: Lower Level Lounge, Computer Lab 17

Education Building 34 Seats:
1st Floor: Entry Lobby, Forum Café
2nd floor: stair lobby
3rd Floor: Student Lounge 309, Lobby overlooking 212, Stair Lobby

Forcina Hall 10 Seats in the Entry Lobby

Gitenstein Library 461 Seats:
1st Floor: 4 study rooms, 3 open areas
2nd floor: 5 study rooms, multiple open areas
3rd Floor: 10 study rooms, multiple open areas
4th Floor: 7 study rooms, multiple open areas
Lower Level: Instruction Rm 1

Kendall Hall 4 Seats in the Backstage Lobby

Music Building 26 Seats:
1st Floor: Lobby
2nd floor: 3 lounges in corridor
Lower Level: Lobby. Student Lounge 02

Packer Hall 6 Seats: P10 Lot entrance, entry lounge 166, Computer Lab 256A

Roscoe West Hall 5 Seats: Entrance Lobby

Science Complex, Chemistry, Physics and Math Buildings 47 Seats:
Chem 1st Floor: Student Commons, Open Studies C100A, C100C, C100D, C110
Chem 2nd floor: Student Commons, Studies C200D, C200E, C211, C236
Chem 3rd Floor: Study Lounge C310
P&M 1st Floor: Lobby P100, Lounge P138
P&M 2nd floor: Student Study P215, Student Lounge P220
P&M 3rd Floor: Student Study P317A

Social Sciences Building 14 Seats: Atrium

Stem Building 45 Seats:
1st Floor: Open Commons L1, Student Commons 100, Student Commons 113, Forum 120
2nd floor: Study 246 , Corridor C2, Studies C4, C5, Study L3, Corridor C7

Trenton Hall 5 Seats: Lower Level Computer Lab 006